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In the hospitality trade staff turnover can be high and the demands of last minute employment stressful.

Pubs, hotels, nightclubs and restaurant rely on a flexible workforce to compete with the demands of a heavily competitive sector.

Our team remove the headache of cumbersome and time-consuming administration 365 days a year allowing your business to keep up with the pace.

DCS - The Payroll Agency has decades of experience providing payroll solutions to the hospitality trade and is fully aware of all the challenges the sector throws up.

Bob Senior - Utopian Leisure

Bob Senior has worked in the hospitality trade all his adult life having ran several nightclub and bar chains and the nightclub and bar giant Ultimate Leisure. Largely credited with building Newcastle's party city reputation throughout the 1990s, he is now managing director of Utopian Leisure.

Utopian Leisure runs the hugely successful and award-winning Fat Buddha Bar & Restaurant chain.

Bob depends on DCS - The Payroll Agency to keep his staffing administration spot on, especially at the busy party times of the year when staffing levels increase.

He said: "We operate in a sector where staff levels ebb and flow. It's principally all about making sure you have enough staff to cover the night and the day. DCS help us react quickly and efficiently in this field.

"At one time we ran our own payroll and it was clear we could not keep up with the demands of the process most notably where changes in legislation occur with regularity."

"We can't afford to make mistakes in this area which is why we chose an agency we can trust to take the task off our hands.

"We know we can rely on DCS to look after us and there is always a helpful and friendly voice on the end of the phone when we have issues or queries."

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DCS Sunderland  T: 0191 514 7009  E: payinfo@dcspayroll.co.uk
DCS Glasgow T: 0141 339 4561 E: carlo@dcspayroll.co.uk
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